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Slalom Inspires Awards

We have created Slalom Inspires prizes to celebrate the inspiring individuals and clubs in canoeing across the UK. These prizes are given out annually at the National Slalom Inspires event. If a winner is not attending the National event it will be given to them at a later date. 


All of our awards are inclusive to all ages and genders, we love celebrating anyone that helps promote kindness, positivity, inspiration and women/girls in canoeing. 

Our Awards categories

1. Slalom Inspires Hero(s) of the year 

An individual or group of individuals that deserves to be recognised. They may have used canoeing to flourish under adversity or have inspired others with a helping hand. It my be someone who is always a kind face on the riverbank or someone who commits themselves to helping others and promoting women/girls in paddling. 

2. Slalom Inspires club of the Year

A club that has committed itself to promote women and girls in canoeing. 

3. Slalom Inspires Volunteer of the Year

An award for the volunteer most committed to Slalom Inspires and its events. Not decided on nominations. 

4. Slalom Inspires moment of the Year 

Our Slalom Inspires events are always filled with many moments of inspiration, joy and hilarity. This award it for the people involved in a stand out moment at a Slalom Inspires event in that year. 

Nomination Form (not open right now)

Which award are you nominating them for?
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