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Insight from an inspiring Welsh warrior!

By Hanna Griffiths

Age 13

K1 div 2, bib 11


I am a member of Llandysul paddlers and I started paddling when I was 8 years old after having my birthday party there.  My hobbies are listening to music, playing the piano, drawing, reading, watching Netflix, riding my bike and hanging out with my friends.

My motto is ‘I get knocked down but I get up again'

Four years ago I dislocated my right knee whilst playing with my brother at home. I was put in plaster and had physio for 4 months. I went back to paddling but unfortunately 6 months later I suffered another dislocation on my left knee. I missed out on training, but again I got back into a boat. When I suffered the 3rd dislocation I was absolutely devastated. I was diagnosed with a condition called Patella Alta in which my knees are too high and I have no grooves to hold my knees in. I was put in plaster and missed out on training but yet again I was determined to get back into a boat in which I did.  In October I had my first operation in which they took a piece of my tendon and wrapped it tightly around my knee. They also put a plate and a screw to hold the tendon in place. I might have another 3 operations in front of me. I have intense physio to help strengthen my knees. My motto is ‘I get knocked down but I get up again’. I find training and racing makes me happy and it helps me forget about my knees. I have made many friends during the years and I hope to keep on racing for many years to come.  My hero is Gabrielle Ridge as she has helped me through my dark times and we have paddled together on the River Teifi. I look up to Gabby and I hope to paddle like her one day.  Daw eto haul ar fryn 🌈

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